Gas Cylinder

Gas Cylinder

Jamuna Gas provides 35 kg/45 kg cylinders: these cylinders are mainly for commercial uses like industries, restaurants and as well as for high rise building (without gas connection) is provided by us. This 35 kg /45 kg cylinder serve the best for industrial as it requires less frequent refilling and mass usage.

Jamuna gas also has 5.5 kg and 12 kg cylinder for domestic uses. Most of the household uses 12 kg cylinders for their cooking purpose as it is very much handy than the others sources of cooking. 5.5 kg cylinders are mostly preferred and used for mobile restaurants and picnic purpose. For welding purpose also it is an unmatched means. We also assist with technical support (if required) to our customers by our efficient engineers.

Jamuna Gas in one of the largest LP Gas bulk importation, storage, bottling, marketing & distribution, company in Bangladesh. It is the first Govt Approved private LP Gas plant to be engaged in this sector.

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