Autogas: common name for Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) used as a transport fuel. The second most widely used and accepted as an alternative automotive fuel in the world today. Autogas is widely known as a "green" fuel for lower emissions.


  • Fuel for the Future
  • Cheaper than gasoline
  • Reduced Maintenance Cost
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Less space, weight, pressure than CNG storage
  • Less power loss than CNG vehicles


  • Compatible to dual fuel with easy shifting
  • Easy maintenance thus more vehicle lifespan
  • Less carbon emission, saving environment


  • 3-5 minutes for full tank filling
  • No long queue for refueling
  • Digital metering system at dispenser
  • Can dispense even with small generators

Jamuna Gas in one of the largest LP Gas bulk importation, storage, bottling, marketing & distribution, company in Bangladesh. It is the first Govt Approved private LP Gas plant to be engaged in this sector.

  • +88-02-8859952


  • Corporate Office
    99,Rupayan Golden Age (2nd Floor) , Gulshan Avenue, Gulshan
    Dhaka 1212, Bangladesh

  • Chittagong Office
    House 05, Lane 05, Road 01
    Blcok L, Halishohor Housing State